I had been a customer for 11 years and for the last 5 yeas had repeated problems with the company not calling when the alarm went off. I reached a breaking point when over a 6 month period not only would the technicians not show up for booked paid appointments no one with any authority to do anything would return my phone calls or emails. I was asked to write a detailed email outlining specific issues to someone in senior management and he never followed up or even discussed it with superiors as every time I brought it up with anyone they had no idea what I was talking about. When I finally cancelled my account no one even acknowledged receiving the email for cancellation or that I had also told two different people over the phone I was cancelling the account. Further more the person I spoke with two months after cancelling seemed surprised I did not want to discuss rectifying the situation when no one would discuss it with me for 6 months. The cost is approximately what I spent with the company on their services over a 5 year period but does not include having to reinstall fire rated doors which the technician drilled through the fire safety rating and therefore no longer passed inspection on the renovation at my store.

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As you are aware I reached out to you on numerous occasions to discuss your circumstances. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. We work very hard to look after each and every client and although we care very deeply about providing excellent service and support we are not infallible. I wish you great success in the future with your business. Sean O'Leary SafeTech owner.

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I had to fire Sylvio for not showing up repeatedly, taking money for work he never completed, and finally tampering with equipment making it unsafe to use and a danger to myself and the neighborhood. 4 years later I am still dealing with the aftermath of his negligence. Everything he started to install (and another company finished) has broken down. I have no proof of purchase or warranties on the equipment because he withheld the registration cards from me. I have slowly been replacing each piece of equipment and a much greater cost than it should be during the initial install all of the walls and spaces were open and now I have to reopen them, buy new equipment and then pay again to have the area finished properly.

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I want to thank John specifically from Computation as he has both set up and installed multiple systems for me in my store. Whenever I have a question he is prompt to reply over email as well as being available over the phone. All interactions have been professional and the service fees were as quoted and very reasonable. I highly recommend computations services!!!

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