Overall, my experience with Kevin was frustrating. His communications, response times, and professionalism are deplorable. Because Kevin lived in the neighbourhood, I thought I would give his company a chance to square off three rounded support pillars on our main floor. Initially I wanted him to do all walls but, after 3 attempts to call him over a two week period without any returned calls, I found a fantastic taper to do the work instead. Finally, after I secured a taper to do the work, Kevin decides to show up on my door and asks if he can "keep my taper honest" with an estimate on how much the work should cost. He spent approximately 30 minutes in our house and spent 75% of that time commenting on our one pillar in the kitchen and how we should get rid of it. It was as though he was obsessed with this pillar. Against better judgement, I decided to give him the job to square off the pillars. The job was done okay though one of the pillars curves slightly where it should be straight. Furthermore, Kevin was discussing our conversations with our painter which I found incredibly unprofessional. After the job was done - and payment was made (I slipped the money through his mail slot as requested) - I asked Kevin to give me a call for some feedback on the job. That was two weeks ago and I still haven't heard back. There are other reasons that I'm disappointed with his work but I won't go into it here. The work was okay but, given all of the other factors, I would not hire his company again.

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I bought our century home in 2013 which had certain 2005 "upgraded design elements" on the walls that included stucco and case trimmings. 2/3 of our wall and our kitchen ceiling was covered in a horrible stucco texture. I called numerous drywall and taping companies for quotes and referrals. Ed (Skilled Taper) quickly responded to our call and agreed to come in and have a look at the job. After meeting him for 20 minutes, I gave him the job on the spot. The job was completed in 3 days (as promised) where he worked - in one case - a 12 hour shift to get it done. He was personable, detail oriented, quick to respond to questions and did a fantastic job on some difficult walls. He also replaced some of the drywall/insulation where we suspected issues behind the walls. I value integrity, honesty, communications and professionalism and Ed embodied all of this. I would absolutely recommend Ed to anyone seeking Drywall and Taping.

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