My neighbour received a recommendation for crown moulding installation - we both wanted it - me sooner so i called Arnie at Crown and he came by with full set of samples, did measurements and provided a quote immediately. He had some great recommendations as well (i.e. since we can see the upstairs hallway from the great room we should complete it (he was right!) and put smaller crown (5" as opposed to 7" in the powder room)). He noted install would be done in a day -- which i actually did not believe but given fixed cost, did not concern myself with it. After getting a couple other quotes i decided to go with Expert Crown. A date was set -- a team of 3 people arrived right on time and wow was the process smooth! They came in, measured every room then went out and made all the cuts then room by room put the moulding up. Results are fantastic -- we cannot see the seams where lengths were bound together (after painting of course - but they did re-prime the joints), they filled in all nail holes. Corners are exceptional. They moved furniture out of way and then back in place and cleaned up most of their mess. It's MDF and once my painters got to it, it looks absolutely fantastic. They finished in a day - i was truly amazed. Serguei and a team of two others did the install -- very polite and professional. I still cannot believe they finished in a day! Another one of my neighbours a few houses down owns a painting company and when he saw the work (prior to painting), he was impressed given the fact that only thing left to do was painting - no putty, no gaps to fill, no priming -- just painting. Well done Arnie/Serguei, well done. Details of install: 3100 sq ft house. Main floor completed plus upstairs hallway, which is visible from great room. Great room had 18' ceiling (this was not a problem for them).

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They cleaned up most of the mess -- to improve, clean up all (i swept in a couple rooms). Very minor issue though.
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When getting a quote, ensure you ask whether or not they take installation to the point that only thing required is painting. I did not have to ask this - but i've seen a few other examples in my neighbourhood where this was not done, leaving more work and to the painters and cost. Expert Crown Moulding was great -- i did not even ask about this yet is was done. Also note that you should not be able to see joints along straight runs -- if they are good, you will not notice them. This was the case with Expert Crown but again, others in my neighbourhood i can see their joints along straight runs.
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