We really wanted to like this installation, but in the end it was poor. The installer left holes in the walls, very poorly patched with glops of filler. The light automation never worked correctly. He was slow to ever return emails about troubleshooting and then told us that he no longer supports the product we installed and we would have to find someone new. We've had many contractors in our home for various reasons and this was one of the poorest experiences. We paid the bill 100% and on time. I would not recommend this company.

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Company Response

This job took place September 09, 2013. In the dining room we were asked by the customer to turn a 2 gang wall plate into a single wall pate for a music keypad. We did so and put a glob of drywall compound in the empty space so that the professional painter who was working in the house would have a starting point for fixing the hole. This was explained to the client as we are not dry wall repairers. The glob of mud we put in the hole was a favour to speed up the repair by professionals. As with any automation system there are some kinks to work out. Over the course of the next year we tried to coordinate times to go and modify the programming to suit the clients needs. Their busy schedule made this very difficult. They would request service calls with short notice and were not available on the days we had openings. In Dec of 2014 they requested a service call and unfortunately we no longer could service the equipment as the manufacturer would no longer provide us with the software as we had stopped dealing with that manufacturer. I provided the customer with the complete programming file and found them a new company they could work with for support. I am not sure what else we could have done in this situation and we are sorry they feel that they did not receive the best value.