We paid $185 for a 'consultation' to deal with our pigeon problem. It consisted to two guys standing outside our door for 5 minutes and then telling us we needed spikes. They left us a quote for 18 feet of spikes for $572. As usual, if we went with them we'd get our 'consulting fee' back. They tried to upsell us on these things called 'daddy long legs' which we did not want. All was well. We called to have them do the work but they're refusing to honour the quote. They're demanding over $700 whether we take these 'daddy long legs', or not. We don't want these ugly things hanging on the front of our house. They are to be avoided. We had a written quote (see image) and they refused to honour it. It's that simple. Here's a copy of Donna's email correspondence. She's the companies representative. From: Accounts-ICE <> Date: December 24, 2015 at 7:42:04 AM GMT-5 To: Subject: RE: Pigeons We would highly recommend the Daddi Long Legs as a prevention as they help with the pigeon problem significantly. If you choose not to have the Daddi Long Legs installed with the cleaning and bird spiking the cost of the service will be $723.45 + HST. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE

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