He came to my home to give me an estimate to prune a few trees he was prompt and on time. I showed him the job and told him what I wanted pruned and he indicated too me he new exactly what I wanted too achieve by pruning the trees back to get more sun on my pool. He mentioned 3 or four branches on one and three or so on the other pointing up too the branch on the tree .Looking up my self I could not really tell what he was pointing at, so I repeated my self regarding what I wanted and he told me he understands what I wanted so I left it at that. He gave me a reasonable price for the job and came on the day I needed. His crew was very nice and prompt and they arrived together with Derek then Derek went too some other job .His crew was nice enough to move the patio set out of the way.His crew prune the first tree how I expected and asked them too do but when Derek returned he was agitated and visibly upset because his crew went over and above in pruning the first tree. So Derek instructed his crew too only cut three branches from the second tree. Needless to say the second tree was not done how I would have liked, there were some more branches’ I would have liked removed. He asked me if there was a problem I told him the pruning was not what I expected I tried to offer Derek more Money for the job but he refused and really did not want to listen to what I wanted to say, he said It was not worth his time and started telling me how hard the job was and suggested too me to go up the tree and give it a try cutting the branch’s so at this point I realized I was wasting my time talking to him and I went into my home to get his money. The funny thing during our conversation his guy was still up in the tree looking down at both of us and very close to the branches I would have liked removed. The branches I wanted removed which were only three inches in diameter would have only taken a few more minutes to make a customer happy. He told his guys too come down and that was that. He removed most of the branches from my property some were left behind but that was no big deal and left the larger logs of wood like I asked. They also left my ladder out back which his crew removed from where I had it to use they did not place it back. My pool was full of leaves and saw dust but that was hard to prevent and understandable. He left us the mulch he promised and I must say Derek was the only one who did take the time to show up at my house to get the job but unfortunately after the job was completed Derek left me with impression I was wasting his time coming to my home providing a service for me and being rude and swearing is not good customer service in my opinion. I would have liked him to come to collect the money for the job but he sent one of his crew too collect it at the front door and left my home without talking too me at all after our conversation out back.. Derek thank you for the pen and fridge magnet with your business number but unfortunately I am not sure if I will call you. This review has been edited since It was written the first score was too low and I did get a call from Derek regarding the score which was a informative conversation and at the time of righting this I was unsure how too change the score but I found out how thanks too my kid. Customer service and communication and how you treat your customer to resolve a misunderstanding is the key too a good company. The score on top of this page still just a number. How you treat and speak to your customer to me is very important under all situations. Just make sure who ever you deside to hire to prune will some how mark the branches to be removed to avoid any conflict.( paint ball gun} Just a suggestion Richard from Credit woodlands

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Company Response

I am sorry that you were not satisfied with the job, obviously there was some miscommunication on both parts to what you would have liked done. Unfortunately, people try and take advantage of the crew all the time when the owner is gone and try to get them to do more than what was on the quote. This was also a mistake on our crews part as they should have waited for Derek to return before completing anything that was not on the quote. As for Derek not coming to the door for the money, he never does, Tanya is in training to take over as crew manager and she deals with the payment aspect of ALL jobs. We appeciate the time you took to write the review.