If you have high blood pressure please do not, I repeat, do not call Sears to clean anything in your home or that stroke that has been waiting on you will definitely happen and I say this on a serious note.I am not joking or trying to be funny and nor do I have anything against sears but in all honesty this company needs to leave the cleaning business ASAP as it is not one of their greatest gifts and talents. These company is the worst carpet cleaning service I have ever ever ever encountered in my life of living.Personality wise they are rude, nasty and have a very shielded nature when talking to them and from what I experienced they do not care. The work they did for me was messy and the carpet was not cleaned well at all.I had to go through hell just to get another worker to come back out and to clean the carpet.Honestly I don't even think they use soap, just water. A second worker came out and he was no better than the first .The second guy not only did a boo boo of a job but he was extra late. To everybody that reads this ....Let your dog clean your carpet before you call sears to come and do it. Sincerely Horrez

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