Needed to have a section of my sidewalk redone as the sidewalks and roads were getting re-done in my neighbourhood. Enviropaving had resurfaced my driveway and sidewalk in 2010 and I was very pleased with the quality of work and the product. Once I could get a representative of the company to come out and give me a quote and set a date for install it was done. I am still impressed with the product and would recommend it to others.

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Had this service company come to my residence to diagnose and fix my Bosch Dishwasher which appeared to have a leak. Upon arrival,they had sent two technicians who stated it would cost $159.00 plus GST to diagnose the problem and stated that once they found the problem they would give me another quote to complete the job. They worked on my dishwasher for over two hours and took it all apart. I might say they did not have the proper tools to allow the dishwasher to run while not installed so you could actually see the inside to spot a leak. They could not find a leak and put my dishwasher back together and performed a very quick test. They told me it appeared to be fine but if it started leaking again they would have to replace the sump pump even though they did not find a leak in it. (Sump pump about $200). After they left I ran the quick cycle and before it could finish it started leaking again. I called back to the company to file a complaint and was told someone from customer service would call me back. I stated I would like to speak to them. I did not receive a phone call until two days later and a voicemail left telling me that after consulting with the technician it would cost me another $96 to have it fixed. Corinna was who left the message explaining the fill valve was the problem and that was stated on my paper work(this was not ever written on my copy and the techs never told me that this was the problem). Corinna also stated they would not charge me for the labour just the parts (I contacted a retail parts store who informed me the fill valve was only $37.00 so they must have a little markup???). I have called back numerous times and been given a direct number to customer service and also that they would send a direct email to Corinna to call me back. When you call the customer service line you get put on hold for 30 -40 seconds then a recording comes on telling you all agents are busy and to leave a message and guaranteed someone will get back to you by end of the next business day. My first message was left on September 4, 2015 and then every business day there after until September 14, 2015 and I have not received a return call. I have also been calling the booking line every day to which they state that they have been forwarding my message to Corinna. On September 14 the booking agent stated that a new note had been enter on my file stating that it was not the fill valve that was the problem but the pump assembly (I have already fixed the dishwasher and it was not the pump assembly it was the fill valve). Finally I received a call back from Corinna September 15 and was told they will not refund labour and due that the technicians being at my house for over two hours shows the labour they did (even though they could not find the problem). I asked to speak to the owner and was told he was out of the country and she (the customer service manager) did not know when he would return. After 20 minutes the call ended with Corinna telling me the technician would call me back to explain what the problem is. The next day I received a call from the technician who stated there was a mix up and it was not the inlet valve but it was indeed the sump pump assembly. He told me that was a major repair that would cost approximately $885 to repair. I told him I fixed it already with a $37 fill valve. I would not recommend this service company to anyone. The customer service is very poor and the technicians in my case could not solve my issue.

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