The company was found through the Yellow Pages. The technician came, didn't identify himself and proceeded to fix the washer and dryer. He claimed that there is a warranty for the repairs, and charged $600 for them. After a week, the same problems occurred: the washer stopped mid-cycle, and the dryer was not drying the clothes. After calling these guys for more than a week, they gave the runaround saying that they couldn't find the paperwork, or they don't have a file for the job done. This company is not to be trusted. The invoice given doesn't even match the company names. They operate under the following aliases: AOL Refridgeration and Appliance Repair AOL Appliance Across Canada Appliance They use the following numbers: 647-895-1044 905-795-7970 416-221-6234

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There were a bunch of trees on the perimeter of our property that needed to be removed, all less than 3" thick, plus two more trees that were about 6" thick. Derek said that he'd cut the trees, dispose of them and grind the stumps so that the remnants of the tree won't be visible above the ground. His team came to remove the trees, and most of the trees were removed except for some trees that were too close to the fence. He had warned me about that beforehand, saying that his chainsaw would ruin the fence and be dangerous to operate. After I had paid him for his work and his team left, I noticed at the back of the property behind the shed, his team had left a few stumps ungrinded. So I called him to discuss why that was the case, and he said it was muddy and there were some stacked patio slabs in the way. He told me he would come in to remove those stumps when the weather was better and I had removed the slabs. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I removed those patio slabs and notified him that they were removed and the area was not muddy anymore in a voice message. I waited 3 days and no answer from him. The end result is I had to buy a pick axe and rip out those stumps myself. That took about 1 hour of hacking; one of those stumps was 6" across!

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Company Response

We are sorry that you are unhappy with the quality of work that you received. We did however say that we would return to grind the stumps that we were unable to do because of the mud, when the weather was better and there was a firmer ground for the machine. I unfortunately have been out of town for a personal matter and did try to call you to explain but whenever I called it said your phone was only for outgoing calls only. Derek Begley