We were fine with the customer service and our order that arrived but had to take up half the garage until the recommended installer could do the work. The morning they arrived they asked where the underlay was and I had to race back to Timbertown because no underlay had been included. The installers took three days. We were very happy with the father and son combination finding them very competent and very affable. We ended up short on baseboard twice and I had to make two runs to get enough and were over by a box and a half of the engineered hardwood. Told on the phone I could take the unopened box back I did so only to be shown that because it was discontinued the "no returns" had been circled on my bill. So I drove back again to retrieve the 25 sq. ft. of lovely blonde oak E.H. that we have no use for. My fault of course for not having read the little circled note at the bottom of the invoice. But it did take the edge of an otherwise reasonable experience. My wife is very happy with the final result.

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