First Review


We engaged MAC Renovations to assist in designing a bathroom renovation. The design team promised realistic computer drawings of what the bathroom would look like after renovations. The resulting drawings were of poor quality and inaccurate. Upon contacting the company representative, we received additional drawings which were of insufficient quality and which did not portray the walls and ceiling of the bathroom accurately. Thereafter, both this representative and Ed, the owner of the company, failed to respond to repeated attempts to contact them by telephone. MAC Renovations also failed to provide the requested higher quality drawings or a refund of the hefty fee we had already paid. I would not recommend hiring MAC Renovations for design work. I have no information about the quality of their actual construction work. Addendum July 2015: The owner's son contacted us to discuss the situation. He also delivered much better drawings which more accurately and precisely depict the result of renovation. As a result, we are substantially more satisfied with the design work produced by Mac Renovations and have increased our score. We also discussed the difficulties in communication with employees, and he assured us that this would be remedied.

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