Regden Glassworks furnished and installed a shower enclosure at my home. I must say that in the 30 years of being in the home improvement industry, I have never experienced such great service. The quality of product and service was top notch and was completely exactly on schedule and at a very reasonable price. Also as this was a finished house they were careful not to damage any of the existing finishes. I would recommend Regden Glassworks for people who want their project done right and hassle free.

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When our retaining walls and steps were built the people that were working getting on it were totally unprofessional. They obviously did know what they were doing. They were completely unreliable and hated doing the work they were doing, so the project was horrible, The quality of work was terrible, and they didn't care. After 9 years the walls started to collapse. Now we have to hire a new contractor to redo everything. If this contractor offers this service they should make sure that they have the qualifications to do so. Don't hire this company. You will be very disappointed, long term.

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