This is my 3rd review. My first review was totally negative because our job was left incomplete and we were taken advantage of. I posted my second, better review in response to Bruno (Celestial Sunrooms and Solariums from Richmond Hill) asking me to cut him a break. That was a mistake. Let me explain. We signed a contract with him in November 2013. In July and August 2014 he and his co-worker Alex began to put up our sunroom and then stopped work. From September 2014 until June 2015 - nothing was done to complete our project, the exception being the insulation under the sub-floor, after weeks and weeks of us hounding him to get it done. For all of those months emails, phone calls and text messages would go unanswered until surprise, surprise he would all of sudden get a hold of us and tell us he was coming to work. He or Alex never showed. He told us numerous times he had gotten our building permit, but he never did. What would you call that? For the entire winter our eaves trough at the back of our house was missing. They had removed it in the good weather and were going to change it, but of course they did not. As indicated, this nonsense dragged on for months with our frustration levels increasing. We contacted John at Temo Sunrooms in Michigan the makers of the patio and sunroom products that Bruno was using and we had purchased, ( He told us that Bruno did not work for him and there was not much he could do. Thanks John for your lack of assistance. Finally in mid-June 2015 Bruno finally showed up to tell us that his company was bankrupt and that he could not finish our job which included -- eaves trough, flooring, heater purchase and installation, all electrical work, outside deck -- all things that fell under our contract with Bruno. Thankfully we had not paid all the funds, some were held back. I might add that he was driving a new 2015 GM Silverado. But he did say that he would install the 2 panes of glass pictured here as soon as he had some money and if I would change my review on this site to something a little more favourable. Mistakenly I did, thinking that was the way I was going to get him to install the 2 sections of glass that he promised to purchase and install. Well of course the money he needed to purchase that glass never came as the weeks kept passing and the glass was not purchased by him -- in fact, of late, he has dropped off the planet it seems. We had to go elsewhere to get our job finished at substantial additional cost. So when it comes to Bruno, buyer beware. He has done a great disservice to honest and sincere contractors. And don't expect any assistance from Temo Sunrooms Inc. in Clinton Twp, Michigan. Buy Canadian. Bruno may start up his company again, change his phone number or carry on under a different name. Don't be fooled. Look elsewhere. You have been forewarned.

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