Do not use these guys. They quoted me a rate of $87 to do a 300 square foot room plus stairs. When they arrived, I was told that was traffic areas only; they didn't move furniture. They always had in the past so don't know if this is new. He did move the furniture after a call to the office (but nothing over 75 pounds), but did not put it on Styrofoam blocks so I can only hope the stain from my black bookcase is not bleeding into the wet white carpet. The sides of the stairs and edge of the carpets were left dirty and I was told that was furnace dirt and wouldn't come out. I sensed an upsell to duct cleaning coming at that point and cut him off. He asked did I want him to try to clean it with the upholstery brush and I said yes since I had hired them to CLEAN the carpet. He had put everything away so adopted an attitude at this point and called the office, who told me the same thing - they are stains so apparently there was no point in trying to clean them. Finally I just signed the completion certificate to get him out of the house. Have always used Sears but clearly something has changed; will not use them again.

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