Customer service TERRIBLE!! When I called to book a service I was provided with a price that was different to what was charged to my card. I have had my carpets cleaned with them in prior years and price had gone up due to an "environmental fee" of $12. That would have been fine if someone actually told me that I would be charged that, but instead they told me they would charge me the same price I had paid on my last service. When I followed up with the manager, they told me their hands were tied. Poor customer service to provide a price and not honour it!! VERY DISAPPOINTED....BEWARE....YOU COULD BE PAYING SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT WHEN YOU GET THE BILL. Instead of an apology, I got, "it's only $12". Whatever happended to honouring the principal of your word. Not much for these guys..... would NEVER use them again or recommend to anyone.

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