I used Worry Free this year becuase they dominate my neighbourhood (that I am new to) so I thought that might result in more prompt service. Here are my pros and cons: Pros: 1. Great communication via email. I like their email updates and their online presence (the one-on-one communication is addressed below in the cons) 2. They are quick to come clear in my neighbourhood 3. I prefer their tractors with snowblower attachments to a pick-up truck with shovel, as I find they are much quieter when they come at night Cons: 1. They drive too quickly and carelessly. I see their operators blasting through four-way stops in my neighbourhood on their cell phones 2. On the quick and careless theme, they sometimes leave up to two metres in front of my garage uncleared (I always shovel the metre in front of it since I know they won't get that close, but sometimes they really stay too far away). 3. They did get too close once and damaged a 5 ft tall LED Christmas decoration I had in the corner by my garage door under the overhang, tucked in a corner where I would expect them to be careful given how close it is to the wall. I`m not sure how you can miss it if you looked, given it is 5 ft tall. I also shoveled around it as well in front of my garage, knowing they normally stay further away. This is back to the quick and careless theme. But what bothers me the most about that incident is that I submitted a damage report that day, and sent a follow up email a few weeks later, tried calling to speak to someone, and now another several weeks later I have not heard antyhing back. I am not asking for reimbursement, but for someone to come and help me fix it, as I believe it can be fixed. I just don't have the strength to do it myself (it is metal that was obviously bent by the strength of their machine). At least acknowledge my communications! There have been weeks between snowfalls in which they should have had time to respond. 4. They don't adjust the auger and dump snow all over my walkway, making it harder for me to shovel my walkway especially with a heavier snowfall.

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I initially submitted a project request to Toronto area companies that were top rated on here. Some of the quotes I got were ridiculous. One was reasonably quoted, but was just disorganized and getting confused with his quotes. I then decided to contact Marc from Top Notch Moving, as he moved my parents from Toronto to Ottawa and they loved the service. Sure enough it was the same great service that my parents got and two friends of theirs they had recommended Marc to. I will be using him again in a few months when I move again locally. His crew is fun, fast, professional, and courteous. His quote was the most accurate I ever had (I have moved often with many companies). Thanks Marc and crew! Update: I recommended Marc to everyone I knew that was moving. He stood my best friend up for her appointment to get a quote. Then when he moved my brother, he wasn't able to make one of the pre-arranged stops on the way to complete the move, so said he would return on Monday, and then never showed up or called. So great mover, but the reliability has unfortunately decreased.

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Company Response

Hi Sophia,

Thank you for your kind words and sharing your experience with us. Your review helps us grow and become recognized. I'm looking forward to your next move.

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I bought a bedroom furniture set from Welco two years ago. Apparently it came from a Canadian company that exclusively deals through them. King size storage bed, night tables, and dresser. Had all three customized to suit my needs. The initial shopping experience was amazing. Loved the designs and the ability to customize, along with the service in the store from Amer and Bobby Delivery however is where everything went downhill. First of all it was a month late due to "manufacturing issues". Then, every single item was damaged during delivery, and my floors scratched while the delivery crew was SLIDING the furniture into my bedroom rather than lifting it. It took weeks to get someone to come out and fix what he could. Emails to Bobby were ignored and phone calls not returned. I had to go back into the store a few times to get them to address my issues and call their repair person while I stood there watching and waiting to ensure it got done. Now most of it was repaired (Except for an 8 inch crack in one piece that happened during manufacturing, which would require a panel replacement they did not do as it was cosmetic, not functional) but the fact is the damage remains. Melting wax over a gouge does not permanently fix the gouge. Two years later and the chips and scratches far too easily build up. Have to be super careful with the vacuum around it for example, or there is another chip in the finish. The quality is really abysmal, which is too bad because the design is gorgeous. I must say I am disappointed, because Welco from a design perspective is the furniture store that best matches my tastes. Just the quality will prevent me from going back.

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I hired Universal based on the recommendations of this site. What a disorganized experience this was. We communicated over this site, my last question re: dates didn't receive a response, and when I called a week later, I got some snarky comment about not having gotten back to them sooner, although I was the one waiting for a reply from then . Then the day of the delivery, I hadn't had any confirmation, so I called the contact Ilya, and he told me I had to arrange the transport with his driver Joe. If I make arrangements with a company contact, I don't expect to then have to contact his driver and make arrangements with him as well. So I called the driver, who is very difficult to understand/communicate with. He had no idea he was supposed to move my piano, but we managed to agree to a 3:30 pickup. By 5pm nobody had showed up. I called Joe, and he told me he wasn't going to get to it that day, but tomorrow. After I told him that this had been arranged and I took time off of work to be home, he agreed to come deliver my piano after I arranged with the security in my building to keep the elevator longer (we don't allow delivers after 6pm in general, so they made an exception). At 7:30 pm my piano arrived, I was charged my fee + HST, but they only accepted cash, and couldn't give me a receipt. I then told the driver that no receipt was unacceptable , so he wrote me a note by hand. I told him that wouldn't work, as a receipt charging HST must contain the HST number (which I needed), so it was not a legal receipt. He told me I had to contact his boss to get one. It took another three weeks with a bit of chasing to get a proper receipt mailed to me from the company. What a completely disorganized company this is. At least my piano arrived in one piece. I will arrange the tuning I was supposed to get as well with someone else.

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