Our boiler was more than 35 years old and Enbridge guy came to our house and gave gas code defects(co level and low water cutoff, bringing fresh air to the boiler room, ...) and red tagged the unit. It was very cold and I was very upset about it. I called many companies they all wanted over $150 service charge to come to my place and give me a quote. This did not make sense. So while I was browsing the internet I came across the Home Stars and oticed House Depot, so I called and talked to Mark. He told me he can estimate on the phone provided i read the writing on the red tag. He told me the cost will be aroung a thousand dollars, which any way in order to be exact he has to make a visit at no charge. The next day Mark came and he told me the estimate he gave was a bit higher and he can fix it with about $780 + GST. But he advised me the boiler is old and every year some authorized contractor must come to check the co level for your own safety, this is the minimum gas code requirement. he advised me to replace the unit with power vent which I get a chunck of it as rebate and as well as it has 10 years warrantee as well as 5 years labor warrantee. I decided to go with a replacement, the job took few hours and with no mess and I was watching them all the time to see how they are doing. I highly recommend this company and I have several properties which i will use their services both for the electrical(service upgrade and knob and tube replacement and hvac(tankless, hrv, ac and gas furnace. Thank you House Depot and I highly recommend this company to everybody if they want a headache free installation with great warrantees.

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