i purchased my sofa set from walia discount mart in the jane and finch mall..i thought i would give them a try..i was promised by a man by the name rocky that i would be reciving real leather sofa that would not start to rip..i told him i was will to pay more if i had to,he asured me that they would be real..when they were delivered to me they there was a rip on one of the chairs..i called the managment they told me that they would send some one to look at it..the next week or so this man comes with a needles and thread(YES A NEEDLE AND THREAD)and starts sewing the chair..when hes finished my chair look ridiculus..i call managment again and say i want new chairs they tell me that my chairs are discountued and will not be able to get a refund but there willing to give me a $25 dollar cupon..i just spent $ these people are not one to argue and make a i just called it a loss but walia will never get my business again.

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