Quoted job to get my one bedroom condominium painted. Sohail gave a good price and decided to proceed based on positive reviews. Initially had concerns about deficiencies when work was completed and the long period to return to correct it. However when discussed the urgency as I needed to list the property, Sohail made adjustments to get work corrected and completed up to par in good time.

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Company Response

Hi Hashim

I have already had a discussion with on the issues you pointed out and we had agreed to address these. Just to recap:

The quote that I had provided you was for 2 coats of paint. The colour you picked was very light and did not provide for good coverage. That is pronounced on the edges because the edges - it was not that visible when the painters applied a second coat and the paint was wet . I had already told you that I have put you on a service call and within the next couple of weeks, on a sat, a painter will come out and apply a 3rd coat on the edges for which we not charge you at all.

When I visited you I advised you to finish your flooring first and do the painting later. I also advised that when you finish flooring you have two options. One is to get the flooring installer to cover the floor edge to edge with paper; however, I also advised that this is not necessary. The painting process involves sanding, it does blows some dust which can be broomed later. I also informed you that this should not be a cause for alarm. I also informed that even in the event of an accident, if any paint falls on the floor it is designed such that it does not leave a trace if its wiped off in the next three weeks. When my painters finished the job they left after you had done an inspection and did not collect the final payment until after that. I am sure you are mistaking some of the sanded dust for paint. When the painters come for a touchup they can take a look at it - your floors will be left guaranteed cleaned by us.

You have informed me about the tiles getting scratched while moving the fridge and oven. You informed me of this quite a few days after the painting was done. This is a huge surprise for me. The appliances are built for easy sliding by the manufacturer. These do not carry any sharp edges. Our painters also do not carry any sharp tools. In the years of painting that we have done we move appliances at every project and I have never once received this complaint. It is very possible that the source was previous. Regardless, I will take a look at it and I can always put a claim on my insurance, which I carry for specifically this reason.

I will soon schedule the touchups that we discussed and will address all of these three matters that we have discussed.

Will see u soon.

Best Regards