Has anyone been able to get a hold of Luke or anyone at Safe Home Security lately or even since two years ago? The voice mails have room for us to leave messages but there has been no response. We received mail from the monitoring company that safe home uses and they had indicated that safehome hasn't been paying them so they will discontinue their services. However, our alarm was tripped and the monitoring company called us! I just want to know what's going on!!?!?!? Where are you safe HOME team?? Luke?

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I asked multiple times to get decals back in aug,sept,oct 2013 . Luke finally assured a personal delivery. It's 2015 and still no stickers. Alarm went off 2014, 3rd party monitoring company sent for police. None showed up because apparently Safe Home(authorized dealer) failed to register us with the cops. Emailed Feb 14,2014 and still no reply to this day. Feb 21 2015, alarm went off 3:30am,8:50am,9:15am due to low power supply and all key pads had no power. We called Safehome multiple times and texted 1 time still no answer. The installation process was really great. Service was great and friendly. The Service post installation is non-existent. I would not recommend and have asked our friends to save their time,sanity and money. UPDATE: Within 24 hours of my complaint, Luke was prompt to provide service on our system. Upon discovering the problem, he was professional and scheduled a reasonable time to repair the system. In addition, he has addressed our other issues and are satisfied with the level of service.

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