POOR AND UNRELIABLE SERVICE!!! Ryan, the owner of “Turf and Stone services”, bragged that his company always removes snow before on the snow storm days. He agreed to remove snow from our driveway before 6am on the snow storm days. He never showed up to do the work! He failed to show up during the first snowstorm. During the second snowstorm we called 3 times! We called before and he said he will be coming shortly to remove the snow. We called a 2nd time later and he said he is at Kearney lake area and he will be coming very soon and the 3rd time he did not pick up the phone. “TURF & STONE SERVICES” and RYAN -DID NOT DO THE WORK! -WASTED OUR TIME! -WE WERE LATE FOR WORK! -WE TURNED DOWN THE OFFERS FROM OTHER COMPANIES AS A RESULT OF THEIR PROMISE!

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