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i had 3 quotes decided to go with hamilton tile because i knew the owners cousin (high school friend) and felt most comfortable with. the price was not the lowest. they did the job o.k. in the time frame promised but the most important step was the grout. i dont know what they did but the colours dont match, another tile setter told me afterwards that it looks like they mixed all their leftover grout from other jobs together and now its all un-uniform. when he completed the job i pointed it out to him, and said that it would dry in a couple of weeks and it would all match. i didnt want to pay him till it dried nicely, he got very angry and very agresive, so i paid him and held 10% back, and promised me that if it would not look proper that he would come back to fix it, but said that would not happen. i called 3 weeks later to let him know that the problem still exist. promised me that he would be there friday to fix it. 2 years later many fridays have passed no show, called my high shcool friend his cousin and told me that i should of called him prior to the job starting and would of advised me not to go with him. bad reputation.

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