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Duct Canadian set up an appointment for me with their technician. They were supposed to call me 15 minutes before arrival to make sure I could let them in. I went home after they called and said they would be 25 minutes late. They were an hour late and showed up in a white can covered in graffiti. The ad said duct cleaning, unlimited vents, main line and return line cleaning, line scraping, deodorizing. None of this was done and I still had visible debris in my main line (my line was open for easier access but they ignored it completely). It turns out duct canadian is just a middle man and subcontracts all their calls out. Their technician told me I had to pay cash so they wouldn't have to claim taxes to the government. It was clearly stated when I called in I would be paying by cheque. I emailed Duct Canadian with pictures later that afternoon to report the incomplete service. They said they would call back. I called back two days later and they said they would call back. After 6 phone calls and 10 days later, I was told by Sarah (who calls from an American number) that it is not her problem and for me to call her technician. She complained she was stuck in the middle. Well Sarah, as a third party who subcontracts out your calls to unprofessional contractors, that is your job. Sarah hung up on me and has yet to resolve the issues. False advertising by a sham of a company. DO NOT CALL!

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