Our furnace fan no longer worked therefore the house had no heat. I contacted Applebee Systems. They were excellent about responding to the issue and sending someone out to the house to do a diagnostic test. Unfortunately their follow-up work was not as efficient. The first replacement fan ordered was incomplete. The second fan component was complete but Applebee could not schedule anyone to install the part for 2 days. The workmen were tidy and did a good job when they finally did arrive, but I had to wait all day. Initially they would not negotiate a lower price. In the end they did not charge some of the labour and removed the taxes as a result of the original delay.

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We had a barn on our property that was in dire need of repair or demolishing. If repaired, we would make it into a party barn; if demolished, we would use the stone foundation as a pool surround or garden feature. We decided to repair the building and contacted Eli Stutzman based on advice from neighbours. Eli and his small crew were wonderful!! His business is roofing but during the winter months he takes on indoor projects like this one. We asked him to reuse materials, and he did. He never proceeded without first consulting both me and my husband. When obstacles were encountered, he presented all options including estimated costs. At the end of each day materials were put away and the work site was cleared and cleaned. The following year he installed a deck/carport off the back of the barn and snow stops on the roof. Overall a wonderful job. In fact, the final bill was less than his original estimate. Thanks Eli.

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Terrible company to work with, especially the male employees who ignore female input/requests but respond to husbands. Problem #1- We had a pump installed in our well and the backfill used was full of clay and stone. I asked the workmen to use clean backfill for fear the line would breach. The plumber refused, telling me the line would be safe even when the backfill settled. Problem #2 - Pipes and valves installed in the house for easy access to water shut-off were located such that the pipes should have been secured to the wall. Instead the plumber extended the pipe from the ceiling directly to the installed mechanism in the middle of the room. When the owner was contacted re our concerns, a workman was sent out to simply place a piece of wood between the pipe and ceiling joist to stabilize the pipe. Despite our complaints re: poor workmanship, the problems were never rectified. A decade later we lost water - we knew the line was most likely breached. We called Cook's as they installed the system and we expected them to be able to repair the original problem based on mapped paperwork they had on file. We immediately reminded the owner that the line was most likely breached and revisited the reason why we suspected this to be the case. Following several days of pressure tests, etc, it was discovered that we were correct in our original assessment. The cause of the breach - a rock from the original backfill had pierced the line. The reason they could not immediately test positively for a breach? The original plumber who installed the system did not complete the required accurate drawing of the system installation. As a result, the new plumber did not know why our system tested positively for water pressure that did not exist. It took almost 2 weeks for Cook's to repair. They wanted us to pay, in full; It took a while but we negotiated a price that was mutually agreeable. I would not recommend this company.

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