Our home was vandalized and flooded. When I called my insurance company they sent out Paul's Restorations to clean up. I was quite impressed with how quickly they got all the water cleaned up, and the carpets ripped up. However, things quickly declined from there. The work took a total of 21 weeks to complete, and I use that term loosely as there were a few little things that were missed and I was so fed up with dealing with them that I let it go and did the work myself. There was little to no communication from them, and when I would inquire about something getting done I was made to feel as though I was a nuisance to them (particularly when dealing with Joe B.). Our bathroom floor was installed and the work done looked like my children did it - rough cuts, incredibly sloppy caulking, and lumps of cement left under the flloor (I made them redo it with a NEW installer even though they wanted to send the same person). I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone and in fact, I have told everyone I know to NEVER use them!!!!

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