I wouldn't do business with this guy again. No voicemail at his little hole in the wall. Installers are the crabbiest bunch I have met. Claimed my living room as "his cutting area" and told me despite the fact I had to move in on the weekend that I couldn't put anything in the living room. He showed up the morning he was scheduled for "first thing" around 9:30am. I was waiting from about 7:45am til 9 then finally just went to work. Left the door open and he said he didn't have time to remove staples and he had to come back. Well, a week later and still nothing scheduled . My house is a work site. Paid top dollar for new carpet and these guys just treat it like a hobby. He must do a good business because it seems he doesn't really care about his customers or their satisfaction. Oh and once they had installed the upstairs bedrooms they didn't clean anything up. Just finished work and left. Left a desk that was in the bedroom in my bathroom. couldn't move it on my own so couldn't use my bathroom until I got a friend to come by to help move it back to where it was. Oh and they put a big scratch in my new paint in my bedroom This company is exactly what they look like from the outside. A hobby.

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