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After exhaustive search we chose Central Heating from Barrie. Kevin was polite and eager to get our business and he offered us a top quality Lennox system at a reasonable price. Our install date was bumped by 5 days days and we spent a couple hundred dollars heating with tiny space heaters. On install day Central Heating told us they did not know how to install propane gas saying it was different from natural gas. There were errors made (still not corrected) and long delays. We had to get emergency service from our propane supplier to come same day and assist. We had problems with regulator placement and incorrect pressure levels. The regulator is still in the wrong place. The propane supplier came back another day and corrected the pressure levels for us as Central Heating did not know what the correct levels were. Furnace install appeared to go okay although they left a mess behind in a couple of rooms. We are pleased with the Lennox system. It is quiet and efficient. Eventually we had an inspection of the install which uncovered the following code violations: - our gas pipe is not grounded - the intake and exhaust pipes have no support hangers - the hydro supply to the furnace does not meet building code requirements - additional work was pointed out as "lazy shortcuts" We communicated our concerns about the above to Central Heating who replied ".. that sounds like gross exaggeration from a supplier ..." Central Heating has no interest in hearing about the code violations and made zero effort to correct them.

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Hi Robert, thanks for tanking the time to review our company. Just to be clear on a few items you have posted in this review in order:

- We never bumped your install date. We moved it forward 2 days after finding out that your current oil furnace was not working correctly. We then made a return trip on the weekend & supplied you with electric heaters as a courtesy to make sure you had heat.

- I never told you we don't install propane heating. As I told you the day of the install its not in our scope to install regulators for suppliers. I proceeded to install it anyways again as a courtesy to you my customer. Again anything to do with the suppliers regulator including setting up of pressures is our of our scope.

-Grounding and pipe hanging are deficiency's from our end that we corrected without issue. The hydro supply that you speak of was from a previous installer and had nothing to do with my work.

-The picture you show of the humidifier and the water piping calling it "lazy shortcuts" was left that way at your will as you told us you were finishing the room and couldn't drywall around it.

If you have any questions about this review please feel free to contact me directly at 705-770-5773.