BUYER BEWARE!!!!A neighbour of mine was being trained by one of the sales staff the evening that I decided to purchase the rainbow cleaning system. I purchased on their financing plan. During the phone call between the owner and the salesperson, it was arranged that I would be financed. It was made very clear during this phone call that I have the worst kind of credit possible, but they insisted that wasn't a problem. I was also told that I would not only receive the rainboe vaccuum, but also the attachment for flors, the attachment to do cushion and such,as well as the 2 smaller rainbow mate minis. On the contract it says that these are only gifts if the system is purchased with cash. I asked about thbis and was told I would get all the items even though I was financing. After 2 weeks of calling and being dicked around on the phone, the vaccuum was dropped off at my doorstep without even a knock at the door. I called and complained that I did not get all the parts that I had purchased and would not be paying for it, they could come pick it up. I have hardwood floors throughout and the vaccuum is really useless to me. I also have 3 chidren under the age of 5 and several stories in my home, hence the desire for all the pieces. I was then told again that the problem would be corrected and I would have the parts the next day. Again the floor cleaning part was dropped off at my doorstep over night. I have never been able to get a hold of them and the finance company is harassing me saying there is nothing they can do about the parts I did not get. Now I am facing legal action when I have been working hard to recover my bad credit problems. I had originally saw this as an opportunity to rebuild my credit, but I refuse to pay for items I did not get. BUYER BEWARE

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