Pillar to Post(P2P) is one of the worst home inspection companies ever. I got sccammed by the agent (who wanted to desparately close the house, since I hadnt made a decision for 3 months and she hadnt closed one in a while). Bad agent, but that's another story. I had moved from an apartment and had never stayed in a house ever. This was my first naive experience. P2P sent an elderly agent (JW) who spent 90% of his time on the laptop making comments, taking notes. Everything in the house broke down in the first month of moving. There was leak in the basement which was hidden, a simple thing cleverly concealed by the owner with a huge carpet. All equipment broke down, AC was never functioning even though the fan was, (spent $3000 getting a new Carrier system). 2 out of 3 Bathrooms werent flushing well had to spend $200 to get that fixed. Leak in the roof was overlooked, it rained through the roof and side doors the first 20 days after closing was done. Central Humidifier system was broken. Fridge was leaking and old (we had to buy a new one). One of the GFCI outlets wasnt working, Window was leaking....list goes on and on. I agree a thing here and there is not the home inspector's job but to have everything fail on you in the first few days/weeks/3 months of moving is too much. A home inspectors job is to do it sincerely and he failed. I had another private inspector who was cheaper and saved me from 2 bad houses...but I decided to fall for my agent's trap who insisted that I change to P2P. She claimed that P2P is better because they take pictures. What a sham!! Now I know why. Always trust your gut. I curse the previous home owner who fooled us, I would never do anything unethical to the person I sell to. Sad, upset and still paying...

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