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Let me be as objective as I can. Gibby's is a store with excellent prices and a great selection. They carry a great variety of products including many high-end items that you will not find in your standard electronics retail outlets. They have sales that put their items often several hundred dollars cheaper than their competition. That said, should you happen to buy something from them which doesn't work properly, forget about getting any sort of help. I bought a high-end home theater projector from them which was defective (manufacturing defect). I called several times over a period of 8 days, left voicemails, emailed the salesman, his manager and even the store owner and did not get a SINGLE call back. I did get several replies to emails, but the turnaround was typically over a day after sending the message, AND they did nothing to solve the problem or get me a replacement unit. The problem was eventually resolved by the manufacturer of the projector, but I have nothing positive to say about the service provided by the store. I know I will not be shopping there again.

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