Ikea, need I say more...who can resist? Now the quality of their products is not always the best however the ideas are fabulous in the showroom and there's always something you need at Ikea. 2 months ago I purchased the closet space saver products and couldn't be happier. This really does save alot of space in my closet and makes the most out of the small space in there. Everything is now organized and space efficient. Although it was a very time consuming task to put everything together I am pleased with the overall result.

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With a young child at home, a camcorder was not an option. I purchased the DVD corder because all you have to do is put the DVD-R in the corder, record and then slip it right into your DVD player. I received a free carry case and blank DVD-R's. I did have a problem however with the price match. I didn't do my homework before this purchase and upon returning home, found the product cheaper at Future shop. I called the brick and visited them for a price match which they guarantee and they did not want to honor it because they gave me a free gift. I don't know what the free gift had to do with price matching so I had to go as far as writing a letter to the manager regarding my disappointment. A few days later, I received a call and an apology from the brick and a refund for the difference.

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