We had an in-home demonstration from one of the salesmen. Decided to purchase only one of the smaller rainmates. The next day we realized how badly they overcharged us and so we called to cancel our order. The sales rep assured us the charge had not gone through and we would not be charged. Several days later we noticed a charge anyway and called to complain. We were told it must be a mistake and they would solve the problem. Days later, still no removal of the charge. When we spoke to someone higher up they informed us that in order to get a refund we had to request it within 10 days, which had now passed. They refused us a refund and we still haven't even received the product we supposedly purchased. Do not trust any of the salesmen from this company. They are unreliable and the prices are absurd. You can easily buy the same product online for half the price they try to sell it at.

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