we have noticed some ants around the kitchen floor, called them to come over and was quoted to spray the whole house. It only took about 45 mins. to spray around the house inside out.

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we brought this home brand new from morning star, many defective issues need to be fixed, the bathroom leaked at the first day we move in, they fixed the tube but refused to replace the soaked counter which was damaged because of the water leaking. The pathway concrete have a few cracks before we move in, and they refuse to fix it. They told us everything otherside the house is not under warranty. We were so upset about this customer service. We filled up the cracks ourself but it get worse year after year, we have asked other company to quote for the repair, and they told us it is because of the settles and will cost $3500 to replace or $1200 to repair. The bathroom leaks again after just 3 years new and we did not notice the water leaking until we saw the water penetration on the ceiling in our living room. We pay $450 to fix the bathroom and also need to repaint the ceiling because of the water marks. We have brought 5 houses before , all brand new with different builders, but this house is a nightmare to us which the builders refuse to fix the problems at the first day. We are still stuggling on the defected concrete pathway which cost us too much to repair. :(

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