I was looking for a specific couch for my tv room, A reclining couch that only has two cushions, So no middle seat that wouldn't recline. I've seen them years ago, But not recently in the big stores like the Brick, Ashley or Leons. I was hesitant to look in Sofa Land since they are a pricey, But as soon as I walked in we saw it. Exactly what I was looking for. And for the Couch and Big Chair it was a couple hundred more than what I was about to settle for from the brick. It was the ROMP series and I got the Sofa and Big chair, they was also another piece that I didn't buy, it was a Lounge Chair / Long Chair. Salesmen / woman where not pushy, they approached then let us look. No stalking and following. Which is a big deal for me, I will walk right out of a store if they are pushy. Delivery was good. No damage to the product or walls and floors. I am very happy with my purchase.

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I am a first time home buyer, and just after a few days of living in my new house we found water seeping in the basement. Talk about stress. I looked up a few companies and Lety just presented themselves professionally with there website. The whole process was a breeze. It only took them a couple hours to fix the crack. Everyone was friendly and very professional and the cost of repair was much lower than I was expecting.

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Company Response

Thanks for reviewing us Andrew! It's definitely stressful to discover water intrusion in your basement, but it's great to hear that the problem is a thing of the past and that you were pleased with our service. Take care!