My husband wanted to get a quote to paint the outside of the house - he wanted to help to keep costs down. They agreed on a situation where Elite would do the hard parts, ie heights, intricate parts and my husband would finish the rest. Very flexible, great job, great friendly staff, top notch!! Another relative used them as well and were very happy.

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Thank you Nancy!

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This company was used to install cabinets purchased through Home Depot. Pros: The cabinets were very well installed and look fabulous. The people were reliable and friendly. Cons: It took a very long time to get an install date. Communication is sometimes difficult because the person scheduling the jobs has another full time job so isn't always available to answer questions etc. Some of the costs were disputable as you had to pay up front for some things they "might" have to do with the promise that you would be reimbursed if they didn't have to do them.

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There were shingles curling on part of the roof after only several years. When trying to get someone to assist, it was impossible, excuses, voice mailboxes full, promises of call backs never returned.

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The renovation cost was way over budget and the length of time it took to complete was excessive. Workmanship was pretty good, they were pleasant and he had good ideas. He was a good problem solver.

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