Kodiak provides bad services. They are consistently late in clearing my driveway. When other snow blowing companies already cleaned my neighbours' driveways but they are nowhere to be seen. Calling them up did not solve any problem except unpleasantness. I make sure to myself that this is first and also the last season I will hire them.

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Company Response

All of our tractors were dispatched at 11 AM and are completing their routes as we speak (5:05 PM). I am the operating manager of this company and consider 6 hours a reasonable turnaround time for completion of our routes. I am therefore confused about why you would be upset. You have received service in a timely manner. Our routes are of course organized in a different order than those of our competitors, so we won't necessarily ever be at your address before our competitor will be at your neighbor's address. At the other end of the route however, we will be at our addresses before our competitor will get to his. This is just common sense. If you would care to provide more details of your complaint I would be happy to respond further. Specifically, we do not have a record of any client with a first name of Yvonne having called our office today. (We maintain call logs for all inbound calls received.) Unless I have a valid address to research I will consider this a bogus review.