First Review


We hired canruss construction at the beginning of October to finish our basement by Dec 2nd, according to the contract we signed. Canruss was eager to start, willing to negotiate the contract and payment schedule and made quick work of framing during the first week. There were some minor issues with how the bedroom was framed but the contractor was willing to change it. The next step in the payment schedule was to finish rough ins for electrical and plumbing which was 25% of the cost. We paid this a little to quickly as we found out the permits had not been obtained.This is when the project started going down hill. It took the contractor weeks to fill out the paper work. When the inspectors did come to view the work, electrical did pass (needed some fixing) but it took 3 times to pass plumbing. To pass the inspection, the tub had to be installed. We had a scope of work document outlining the brands of items for purchase. He bought the wrong/cheaper tub, which ended up sitting in our basement for almost a month. I was unable to get a hold of the contractor to find out when it was going to be exchanged for the right tub, then he finally emailed me and said he was on vacation. Long story short, we had to fire the contractor on Feb 13, nearly 4 and half months after start date and 2 and a half months after the agreed completion date. We only got as far as hanging the drywall up to the point when we fired him. It was very difficult to communicate with the contractor as he did not respond to texts, calls and emails in a timely manner. He was consistently late or would not show up at all and made attempt to contact me, I had to contact him. He also made no apologies for the massive delays we experienced. If you are considering hiring this company, please contact me for more information.

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