I bought a couple of these jars to pack my kids lunch so that they can remain warm. I bought this in August to be used when school reopens in Sep. After coming home, I tested the thermal efficiency with Hot water in the jar and it turned cold in just an hour. I dried it and wiped it off completely and Went back to the store to return it and buy a better quality one as the one I had bought totally defeated the purpose. The Manager at Heartland store was very rude and lacked the least ethics of customer service. She said since I tested it with water, she considers that as used and refused to take it back. I told her that I am ready to buy a couple of Thermos instead but arrogantly kept stating teh same thing. This is not the first time that this Manager upsets the customers. she always yells at children in the store and doe not have the meaning of politeness in her dictionary. Customer Service on the whole is very very poor. What more a reason is needed to return a product when it does not serve the advertised purpose??? How else will I know unless I try it and that too with just water? The school has not yet reopened and I have not even tried food in it. But the brilliant manager does not understand that a product has to be tried to know if it works or not!!!.

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Mark did a variety of installation and repairs works at our house and I found him to be extremely professional, detailed in his work and did a clean job. He was very punctual and kept up his time which is absent in many workers today. He is easily accessible either through phone or email and returns the calls promptly. It was nice of him to let us know what we have to do to fix some problems by ourselves if it happens again. When there were issues that did not require much of repairs as was expected, he fixed them up without even charging for them. He did a couple of extra works here and there and did not charge me for that. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and am very satisfied with his work and highly appreciate his professionalism.

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Thank you Shenbi for the positive comments.