I love these guys! They are extremely easy to work with, courteous and thorough. They take pride in their work and so they should! The end result is fabulous! Their prices were also extremely reasonable. They have done planting, relocating of existing plants, and installation of a Brussels Block walkway. They are willing to do what is needed to complete the job even though our space is a tricky but smaller one and what many would consider "too small a job" to even bid on. We are delighted!

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Do not hire these people! I presented the minor problem to them in general terms as I am not a roofer and they were unable to fix it! Simply put, at the corner of our house where each side of the eaves meet was leaking. They lacked the ability to listen, problem solve and work on a job until it is complete. They charged me in full. The problem was not fixed and they were unwilling to come back without charging after the first rain. Now I have to hire someone else!

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