1st: Horrible time management! I have to reschedule many times because of them being late/no show. 2nd: Major rip off. I asked them on the phone so many times how much does it cost for the diagnosis, is there any service call charge etc. Their responds was really obscure. Its unsure how much would it be after the technician's investigation. They first quoted the price for $125 for the latch, $175 for the pump, $250 for labour. Its ridiculous to charge $550 for a washer repair. There is a charge for $135 of just the diagnosis if I decide not to get them fixed. And this is something they have never mentioned before. This company is totally a rip off. Later, I asked the technician to leave. He convinced me let him fix it but he will give us a discount. So now, $120 for the latch, $60 for the pump, $210 for the labour. $390 in total. They just make up the price to whatever. This un-trust worthy company is highly not recommended.

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