TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. DO NOT CALL. I called Locksmith On The Way to repair the lock to the main door of my condo unit. Upon calling, they quoted me an estimate range. A service call was $25. If the pin needed to be fixed, this would cost an addition $45. If the cylinder needed to be fixed, it would cost between $75 and $99. I was persistent in ensuring this range, as I am a tenant, and wanted full information about potential costs before confirming with my landlord that this company was acceptable. I asked, definitively, is $124.00 plus tax the absolute maximum I can be charged for this service? I was repeatedly assured, that yes, $124.00 plus tax was the most it could cost. Upon arriving, I was told the cylinder was completely shot and would need to be replaced. I was then told that the cylinder would in fact cost $500, or I could purchase a lower quality cylinder for $250. Because it is a condominium with standardized locks, my roommate went to speak to property management about the lock issue. She returned with a member of security who carried with him a bottle of WD-40. The locksmith said it wouldn't work, but when we persisted in trying it, agreed to spray the WD-40 for us. The lock was instantly fixed. We paid the service man $25 for his service call, but it was blatantly apparent that he had been dishonest about the lock issue, and was attempting to defraud us. If I lived in a house, rather than a condominium, I would have been defrauded hundreds of dollars.

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