Lety Construction quoted us at just over $10,000 to repair the weeping tile in our basement. To do this they had to cut all of our framing off about two feet from the floor, remove some drywall and insulation, then jackhammer the floor and eventually fill it with concrete. The repair to the weeping tile appears to have been done perfectly, they came on time, were careful about tracking dirt around and the job was finished on time. My only issue was that after they left, my basement had a mountain of broken framing, insulation and drywall. I had to spend about two days doing repairs, as well as buying screws for both the drywall and framing, and 1x4's to connect the framing. It is unfortunate that after spending as much as we did, I had to take time out of my schedule to fix new issues. When I inquired about them making the repairs they said they would have to come back to do it, so it wasn't an option. It would have been nice to have known before hand that they were not going to do this, instead of it being a surprise and falling to me.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to review us Rob! We appreciate all comments, whether they're praise or constructive criticism, and view them as an opportunity to learn. Based on your feedback we are now more clear with our clients regarding what they can expect to ensure that all parties are on the same page. We hope you're having a great day, take care!


Awful Company. I originally got quoted a 1 bedroom apartment for $900. They said 2 days after pick-up we could call and get our total weight and cost, however it took them 5 days. All I moved was movies, clothes, a mattress, TV stand and a dresser. After it was weighed they said it was $2050.12, 110% over the quote. I called and inquired how their quote could be so wrong and they completely sidestepped the question. They told me it would be 5-10 days for delivery from September 20, it was 3 days later than that. They also shipped me 3 boxes from someone else's move, which I had to arrange to have picked up again. All my plates and glasses are chipped and broken from poor handling, however they have a $325 deductible so that's my loss. I am completely unsatisfied with the service and suggest finding another company.

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