there still are honest people out there! my last inspection using another company whos name i probably should say but wont, rushed through everything and gave very little insight. Brent is the inspector i recently used from classic home inspections, his tedious and informative nature put me at ease and answered every question in detail. there was no rush, the inspection was indepth and the final report was more than i expected, Great job Brent thanks again michael r.

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Company Response

The Annex is one of Toronto's great places to do a home inspection. These fantastic homes will put a home inspector to the test. It sorts out the knowledgeable, experienced home inspectors, from those who think they are. Given the history of the Annex, and vast array of homes, I always love inspecting in this area of Toronto. As for Classic Home Inspections reporting system, we go through each and every house with fine detail. In other words, we go through the property with a fine tooth comb. As for time, I can ballpark an approximate time for the inspection, but given this will probably be the largest purchase you will ever make, we want you to fully understand what you are buying. I cannot necessarily predetermine what that time will be, you may have many questions. I don’t determine how long that I will be there, you do. Thanks Michael for the feedback and thank you for choosing Classic Home Inspections!