Kia and his team delivered and in a timely manner. I closed my new home and contacted him from a referral and so happy with the decision. Instead of going through the builder, not only do you save money, the product quality is better and the quality of work more than met my expectation.

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Thanks Buddy


To whom it may concern: I find myself writing this email which I have never written a complaint online ever before in my life. We had the displeasure of dealing with a certain sales agent, Angela from Valleylands in Brampton sales office. She had the nerve to call me "rude" because I wouldn't trust everything she told me in regards to the contract our lawyer reviewed. As a sales agent, you must understand our point-of-view as a new first time home buyer, we will have many questions and doubts. She also had the nerve to say to my face that from Day One she didn't appreciate my attitude towards her. I mean come on, who is the buyer here? My fiancé and I wanted to go with FieldGates Homes because we heard many good things about this builder but dealing with individuals like Angela really puts a damper on things. We already gave our first cheque but am regretting it somewhat just because you employ such dispicable sales agents like Angela. On the flip side, we did have the pleasure in meeting Olga as a result because Angela didn't want to deal with us any longer. Olga is another one of your sales agent from the Brampton sales office. She was a delight to talk to and a very good listener. Definitely far more patient than Angela. I think she can learn from her colleague. I really wanted to bring this to your attention as to what was happening and hope nobody else has to go through what we had to. Thank you for taking your time and reading this.

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