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I bought 2 gift certificates for Millers Pest Control for $176 each from an auction. The value of each certificate was $400. My husband contacted Millers to come out to remove a family of raccoons from my house that were living in our addition attic. Christina (the secretary) tried to refer us to another company because she said the person who does this was away. We mentioned that we had gift cards which we wanted to use. She reluctantly agreed to send someone. She said they would call me before they came out as I work during the day and gave an approximate timeframe of between 12-3. They did not call but due to a death in the family I happened to be home. Two very young men came out and within the first 5 minutes & with very little effort told me they couldn't do anything. They looked up into the soffit and said “Nope nothing we can do it's too tight.” I asked him to talk to my husband on the phone. So then they looked somewhere else and again said “Nope can't do anything too tight.” So their solution for us was to allow these destructive animals to continue to live there for 1-2 months, this information was given to me in writing. The guy also told me that in 1 – 2 months when they can come back they could install a one way door, I asked how much this would cost as I bought two gift certificates because I wanted my house to be sprayed as well and only wanted to use one for the raccoons. He said well you have 2 $400 gift certificates so that should cover it. That means to come out and install a trap door after coming out once and doing nothing they are going to charge me $800! I called the office to say that letting them live there was unacceptable & there had to be another solution. The secrtaru went on a rant how it was morally wrong to take the mother out & let the babies die terrible terrible deaths. I didn't want to kill the babies as I am a vegetarian and feel very strongly for animals I wanted another solution to get them all out. Christina also said they were there for an hour which they absolutely were not perhaps 20 minutes of work was completed and about 20 minutes writing me a bill which I shouldn’t have to pay for. I called another pest control company who gave us TWO alternative animal friendly solutions so I know it was Miller's just not wanting to do their job and not wanting to honour the gift certificates.

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