The driver of the semi-style truck (Bill) parked on my newly-laid paving stone driveway, causing several stones to move, cement to crack and a drain pipe to be dislodged. When I realized the problem and phoned about it, I was told that someone would come out to look at the damage. Several days passed with no visit, so I put a hold on and arranged for repairs. After I informed the owner (Alan) about the stop payment, he did come and asked that I stop the stop payment, and I said that I would try, if he agreed to cover some (I thought one-third) of the cost of repair costs of $200.00 Indeed, I was persuaded to do so by the owner's statement that he was a good person and could be trusted. After I stopped the stop payment, I never heard from him or Advantage again. My telephone calls to the company and to the owner over the next three days were not picked up. I would not trust this company or person again and advise others to not pay anything until they are satisfied everything was done to satisfaction.

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