Price Gouging After A Storm. On June 9 2011 a severe thunderstorm with 120 km winds, caused many damaged trees in Scarborough. I was given a verbal only quote by this gentleman for my neighbour and I. "$5000" he said, "$2500 for each of you". My neighbour said he would get another quote, and I pointed out that I'd had a similar tree removed recently for $550. He allowed it required alot of labour. What a feeble excuse I got a quote in writing from my previous tree remover for $800. A SEVENTEEN HUNDRED DOLLAR DIFFERENCE. This is obvious price gouging on W M Weller Ltd part. It appears to be a big problem in the tree business preying on the uninformed and the elderly. I highly recommend avoiding this kind of practise.

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My basement drain backed up and I had Mr. Rooter camera the drain pipes in the basement floor. The TV image saw roots from a tree in a section of old style clay tile pipes at the front corner of the house. They gave me the option of digging outside or inside. Because my basement was temporarily empty, I picked inside saving my concrete driveway. The work was done in one day and included the concrete floor being repaired. Two men worked all day to dig up and replace 5 feet of clay tile with PVC pipe. Another big plumbing company wanted to replace the entire system for 9-10 grand. That may have been the perfect fix, but the very experienced Mr. Rooter inspector clearly explained, and showed the clay tiles were in good shape and did not need replacement. There were no surprises, and the company is very professional. My renovator recommended them so that shows they are respected by the trades. Now my insurance company can rebuild my basement rec-room.

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