In 2011 we purchased an AP Industries three drawer dresser/change table for our son and all three drawers stick because the hardware is coming apart and slowly the drawers are becoming unusable! I have no proof of purchase and nobody will help me or replace drawers because it is discontinued. Very annoying. Also, your store if huge and full of products, that's great BUT I can't fit my normal sized stroller through your CHILDREN'S STORE. Because I cannot bring my son in with me, I no longer can go to this store and I would go more often if I could get through the isles!

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In 2008, Freehold Construction built a gorgeous stamped and coloured concrete patio for our backyard. Dylan was very professional and guided us through a number of texture choices and we got to specify which colour we wanted from endless options. Our patio still looks great and we have never regretted tearing off our small wood deck to make the switch to concrete. It is beautiful and everyone who sees it loves it. I would highly recommend Freehold Construction. Dylan is very skilled and the service from the estimate to the finished product was second to none. Thanks!

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