Paid Molly Maid $100/hr to clean up a small 460 sf studio apartment abandoned by my tenant. They cleaned the kitchen cabinets but neglected the sink which had stains all over it. They cleaned the bathroom but left out the exhaust fan which had lint falling/dangling from it. They left the patio untouched which clearly was strewn with garbage and worst of all, the cleaners left all the garbage from their cleaning by my front door, which had rotten food stuff leaking onto the floor and stinking up the apartment. Called them about these items, they apologized for the stuff they neglected cleaning but said they don't take out garbage. They'd charge me extra to come back to pick up their garbage and clean up the mess left by the garbage. At $100/hr, I don't expect to have to pick up after them. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Better to stick to independent cleaners at way more reasonable price (~$25-$40/hr).

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