We started getting woken up at night by scratchy noises in the walls around us... We were not sure if we had squirrels, mice or other charming littles ones as our new roommates. We had a suspicion that a squirrel might have found it's way in under a new crack in the roof, but live in a old victorian, in which it is very difficult to access the roof. We called Cain, and they arrived with special ladders and equipment the following Saturday to help us fix the problem. They could not with certainty see what kind of "problem" we had, but took steps to prevent squirrels to entering, hoping that could be it. Unfortunately, it wasn't a squirrel, and the noises continued. Before we had a chance to call Cain back to ask them to come out again, they themselves called us to follow up, and see if our problem was fixed. I was very impressed with this customer focus. Between that call and the next visit from Carlo and his team, we have seen mice in the house, so we knew what we were dealing with. They have now put poison in place to get rid of the mice - the little buggers love that stuff, so we hear them in the trap boxes. We feel very confident that Carlo and his team will succeed in getting rid of them, as we have seen that they do continue the efforts until the pests are gone.We are happy that we chose to call Cain, and recommend them to anyone with a pest problem.

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